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Rapunzel ([personal profile] hairglow) wrote in [personal profile] shiro_megane_kun 2017-03-25 01:21 am (UTC)

The fact that he was willing to try talking them both through this meant a lot to her. She was naturally talkative and outgoing, and even the intense concentration she gave to sex didn't take away from that. So to have him speak back and say such things to her made her arousal throb with warmth. Her affection for him grew too, though that was covered by the lust that was coursing through her.

Cheeks red, his encouragement made her more responsive. Her back arched so her breasts would be more firmly pressed against his hands, and she bit at her lip to try and keep in a sharp gasp. He was certainly doing a good job of getting her thoughts to be interrupted, and it didn't take long for her only thought to be on him and his body and the pleasure she was feeling.

Despite wanting to speed things up, she kept her pace slow and her movements shallow. Little moans came out of her as she enjoyed the dual sensation of his cock inside her and his hands on her breasts, but she kept her teeth grazed against her lower lip all the while. Words were forgotten now, replaced with a need for him that consumed her.

Slowly, she worked up to a faster pace, and changed her motion up so she was rising up and sliding back down quickly. Leaning forward, she let out a groan into his ear, teeth grazing his lobe before she lightly sucked at the area. She wanted to devour him now, much like he had her the day before.

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