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Rapunzel ([personal profile] hairglow) wrote in [personal profile] shiro_megane_kun 2017-03-24 08:45 am (UTC)

The reinforcement helped her feel a little more confident and sure of what she wanted to do, and as she got comfortable on his lap she rocked against him a little in order to tease him. She was most definitely insatiable, but she figured that was because it was all brand new to her. Sex wasn't something she had ever done with someone until he showed up, and now it was what was on her mind. So she was very glad that he seemed to take a similar interest, and as she rocked she rose her hips up enough that she could press his tip against her entrance.

"I like this part," she admitted softly, eyes fluttering closed as she felt his cock initially push inside her as she lowered herself on his lap. "Feeling you fill and stretch me at first makes me want to do this all the time. But it's nothing compared to when I finish. Or when you come, either. I like that part the best, I think."

She was trying to vocalize what about this she loved, but really, it was everything. The feelings combined with the scents and the sounds, it was all so intoxicating and addicting. As she started to ride him slowly, she thought she could start and end every day like this: filled with his length.

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