shiro_megane_kun: (The Space Between)
Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote 2017-03-24 08:00 am (UTC)

He couldn't help but smile at her manner, and he could tell her cheeks were flushed from more than just arousal. As naturally as she'd taken to sexual exploration, it was moments like these that reminded him that it was all still very new to her. Sitting up, he leaned in, answering not with words, but by stealing a kiss as he his hands gave her breasts one last squeeze as his thumbs flicked across her nipples before those hands trailed down to her waist, guiding her towards sitting in his lap, though with her hand around him, he was careful not to surprise her by just picking her up and putting her back down on his lap.

"I'd like that," he added, smiling warmly. It couldn't hurt to be perfectly clear, and hopefully the reinforcement would encourage her to be more comfortable with and confident about communicating her desires to him, about committing to choices. He'd nearly teased her about how insatiable she was, but he caught himself at the last moment – he didn't want her to take it the wrong way, didn't want her to be discouraged from expressing her desires, because he was quite happy to indulge her.

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