hairglow: (pic#10972353)
Rapunzel ([personal profile] hairglow) wrote in [personal profile] shiro_megane_kun 2017-03-24 07:32 am (UTC)

"I'll remember that," she promised him, her hand curling around his cock a little more firmly as she stroked him.

In her mind, she was playing through the options of what she could do to pleasure him just as much as he had her. She had some experience using her mouth on him, but wasn't in the mood for a tit for tat sort of reciprocation. Instead, she shifted so she was sitting up.

"I want to ride you again." She knew that they had already done that and there were so many other things for them to do together, but she enjoyed it. Her cheeks turned red as she admitted what she wanted to do.

"Is that okay?"

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