shiro_megane_kun: (Kiss)
Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote 2017-03-24 06:56 am (UTC)

With her hand wrapped around his shaft, Rapunzel already knew what he thought of that idea before he'd ever uttered a word, judging by how it throbbed against her palm at the suggestion that someday she might wake him like he'd just woken her. Her words as much as her touch were responsible for the precum beginning to bead at the tip.

"If you wake up before I do, you're welcome to," he answered, before his words dissolved into a breathless, pleasured groan as she gave him the attention his arousal had been aching for, his hips moving to match the languid pace of her strokes. He surrendered himself to her kisses, his tongue twining with her wet muscle only to dance away as he pulled back just enough to catch her by the lower lip, sucking as his tongue traced its curve. His hands, meanwhile, took their time, caressing her as they meandered over her body before arriving at her breasts, teasing the sensitive peaks she'd so graciously primed for his attention.

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