hairglow: (pic#10972342)
Rapunzel ([personal profile] hairglow) wrote in [personal profile] shiro_megane_kun 2017-03-24 06:08 am (UTC)

"What if I want to wake you up sometimes too?" She teased him, legs parting so she could better look down and smile at him. He was so handsome, she felt so lucky to have him in this way. She was still recovering from that intense climax, her body still lightly trembling as she shakily breathed in and out. Still, she guided him up and over her so she could kiss him properly.

The taste of her was on his tongue and in his mouth, and she gladly tasted it as her lips parted to him in order to deepen the kiss. From this position, she could feel his hard cock pressed firmly up against her. She broke the kiss with a soft gasp, bringing her hand down to wrap her fingers around his length.

"Looks like you need some attention too."

It was back to kissing him then, hand stroking his cock slowly while she lost herself in him. She was firmly of the belief that every day should start exactly like this.

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