shiro_megane_kun: (Smut)
Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote 2017-03-24 03:37 am (UTC)

By now, it was no surprise how he seemed to enjoy drawing out his blonde lover's orgasm as long as he could, using everything he'd learned already from exploring her body to prolong the experience, his tongue only retreating once she started to come down again. Even then, his fingers quickly took the place of his tongue, two long, slender fingers easing inside her, beginning to thrust at a languid pace together with the roll of her hips.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," he couldn't help but tease, lips grazing her sensitive flesh before his tongue darted out to attend to her clit. His glasses were resting on the nightstand nearby, and without them, with his hair faintly mussed from sleep, his features seemed softer, or at least less severe, giving him a slightly more boyish cast that made him look more his age – and hers.

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