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Morning After [closed to [personal profile] hairglow]

Consciousness returned to Uryu without haste. As he drew in a deep breath, taking in his lover's scent, he was dimly aware of the warmth her body, nestled in his arms, and even before he opened his eyes, a warm, fond smile touched his lips. When he was finally awake enough to open his eyes, wryness touched the curve of his lips as he surveyed the sprawl of her hair. It was a good thing they hadn't spooned, he mused. If he'd ended up tangled up in her tresses, it would have been a rude awakening for them both.

As he noticed the room beyond her and its garish red decor, though, it dawned on him just what had happened, whether they were. The hotel. Of course, it had been the hotel all along. Had they been in a facsimile of her world, or one made of whole cloth? Certainly, she seemed to fit into that fairy tale world... even if she was different from what he might have imagined a fairy tale princess would be like.

Well, at least he remembered, and so it stood to reason she would remember, too. Hopefully this wasn't her first experience with the hotel, her initial arrival, hopefully she wouldn't think he had spirited her away from her tower only to trade it for another cage...

His attention was drawn back to the way their bodies were tangled up in one another, however, as she shifted, brushing against his rather pointed morning wood. His breath hitched as he swallowed a groan. Though that did give him an idea of how to wake her.

Very slowly, very carefully, he extricated himself just enough to slide down. Light kisses trailed up her inner thighs, and he could see her arousal glistening between them, confirming his suspicion she'd awake as aroused as he was. He gently eased her thighs apart, lips parting, tonguetip tracing her folds, tasting her before dipping inside her, eating her out, seeing just how much he could work her up before she began to wake.
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Rapunzel shifted in her sleep against him, oblivious to the fact that she had been whisked away from home and was in a new location. Surely, his presence would soothe her and keep her from too much panic. But for now, she slept soundly, making soft little noises as she dozed. When he woke first and granted her body such wonderful attention, it went well with the dream that was playing through her mind. Things from their first day together were being fantasized about, and she softly mumbled his name in a near moan as her dream and reality crashed together to further arouse her slender frame.

Her lips parted and she softly exhaled, more arousal pooling between her folds as he worked her over. Slowly, she began to stir from sleep, his name coming out of her in a sensual groan. As he continued to eat her out, her eyelids began to flutter, and as she began to feel desire pooling and tingling with warmth deep within her it was perfect timing for what was happening in her dream. In her fantasy, he was making her climax with his mouth, and as she went over the edge in her dream her eyes opened as she was pulled into reality.

"Uryu!" She cried out in surprise, and one of her hands went into his hair.

She was shocked by his waking her up this way, but she didn't mind it at all. If anything, it just made her more determined to stay with him, since he was so devoted to her pleasure as well as his. If this was how he liked to wake her up, well, she didn't have any problem with that at all.

Her head lulled back against the pillow as her back arched and her hips rocked a little, her fingers tightening in his dark strands. He had a way with his mouth, one that made her melt and turn into a puddle before him. Fully awake now, her chest started to quickly rise and fall as she made soft sounds of pleasure. She was so taken with what they were doing that she hadn't even noticed she wasn't in her tower any longer.
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"Morning," she bashfully murmured, which was a stark contrast to the seductive sounds coming out of her in response to what his mouth and fingers were doing. The corners of her mouth were turned upward in a content smile, and she just basked in being woken up in such a wonderful way.

Her hips rocked against him, though she tried to stay still, not wanting to bump or distract him from the task at hand. "If you're going to wake me up like this, you won't be able to get rid of me."

Breathless laughter followed her words, and she raked her fingers down her body so she could rub at her clit along with what he was doing. Her head lifted just enough to look down at him, to take in how he looked first thing in the morning. With his hair slightly messy and without his glasses, it was a new look to enjoy. He seemed so focused on her body that the warmth of arousal burned anew within her, building up to something more intense.

He was spoiling her, that was for sure. The day hadn't even started yet, and here he was, giving her another mindblowing orgasm.
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Her fingers curled into his mouth the way his fingers were curling inside her. Green eyes were fixated in on him, as pleasurable shivers worked their way through her body. She had no idea that her fingers in his mouth would feel this good, but as she parted her lips to let a soft exhale out she realized that any kind of touching with Uryu would be amazing. The connection they shared made sure of that.

She watched him with wide eyes until she felt that pull of pleasure start to be too much, and only then did her head fall back as she tried to keep from writhing. Her free hand felt at her own breast, groping and massaging to increase her pleasure. Lips parted again as she moaned, fingers brushing against her nipple to work it into a hard and sensitive peak.

"Close," she warned him a little while later, muscles in her thighs and stomach quivering as she rode on the brink.

With everything combined together, it took no time at all for her to come, muscles going taut as she trembled from the force of it crashing through her.
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"What if I want to wake you up sometimes too?" She teased him, legs parting so she could better look down and smile at him. He was so handsome, she felt so lucky to have him in this way. She was still recovering from that intense climax, her body still lightly trembling as she shakily breathed in and out. Still, she guided him up and over her so she could kiss him properly.

The taste of her was on his tongue and in his mouth, and she gladly tasted it as her lips parted to him in order to deepen the kiss. From this position, she could feel his hard cock pressed firmly up against her. She broke the kiss with a soft gasp, bringing her hand down to wrap her fingers around his length.

"Looks like you need some attention too."

It was back to kissing him then, hand stroking his cock slowly while she lost herself in him. She was firmly of the belief that every day should start exactly like this.
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"I'll remember that," she promised him, her hand curling around his cock a little more firmly as she stroked him.

In her mind, she was playing through the options of what she could do to pleasure him just as much as he had her. She had some experience using her mouth on him, but wasn't in the mood for a tit for tat sort of reciprocation. Instead, she shifted so she was sitting up.

"I want to ride you again." She knew that they had already done that and there were so many other things for them to do together, but she enjoyed it. Her cheeks turned red as she admitted what she wanted to do.

"Is that okay?"
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The reinforcement helped her feel a little more confident and sure of what she wanted to do, and as she got comfortable on his lap she rocked against him a little in order to tease him. She was most definitely insatiable, but she figured that was because it was all brand new to her. Sex wasn't something she had ever done with someone until he showed up, and now it was what was on her mind. So she was very glad that he seemed to take a similar interest, and as she rocked she rose her hips up enough that she could press his tip against her entrance.

"I like this part," she admitted softly, eyes fluttering closed as she felt his cock initially push inside her as she lowered herself on his lap. "Feeling you fill and stretch me at first makes me want to do this all the time. But it's nothing compared to when I finish. Or when you come, either. I like that part the best, I think."

She was trying to vocalize what about this she loved, but really, it was everything. The feelings combined with the scents and the sounds, it was all so intoxicating and addicting. As she started to ride him slowly, she thought she could start and end every day like this: filled with his length.
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The fact that he was willing to try talking them both through this meant a lot to her. She was naturally talkative and outgoing, and even the intense concentration she gave to sex didn't take away from that. So to have him speak back and say such things to her made her arousal throb with warmth. Her affection for him grew too, though that was covered by the lust that was coursing through her.

Cheeks red, his encouragement made her more responsive. Her back arched so her breasts would be more firmly pressed against his hands, and she bit at her lip to try and keep in a sharp gasp. He was certainly doing a good job of getting her thoughts to be interrupted, and it didn't take long for her only thought to be on him and his body and the pleasure she was feeling.

Despite wanting to speed things up, she kept her pace slow and her movements shallow. Little moans came out of her as she enjoyed the dual sensation of his cock inside her and his hands on her breasts, but she kept her teeth grazed against her lower lip all the while. Words were forgotten now, replaced with a need for him that consumed her.

Slowly, she worked up to a faster pace, and changed her motion up so she was rising up and sliding back down quickly. Leaning forward, she let out a groan into his ear, teeth grazing his lobe before she lightly sucked at the area. She wanted to devour him now, much like he had her the day before.
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His name was softly echoed, her tone just as low and tense. She too was so close, even though he had made her come already this morning. With the way she was riding him and the way he was thrusting roughly up into her, she was being driven crazy in the best way. Eventually the tension that was in her became too much, and she stilled on his lap, slowing down to a clumsy and awkward rhythm. His thrusting up into her kept them both going, and she whimpered his name as she felt the dam inside her about to burst.

When she came, she felt it from the tip of her head down to her toes, and she cried out sharply as her back arched. They had both just lost control a little here, but it had been so wonderful, and she could feel that he was about to follow her. Urging him on with jerky movements of her hips, her head fell back as she rode out her own orgasm, enjoying every last second of the electricity that was coursing through her.

"Come inside me," she begged him, voice soft but lewd.