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[The last thing Uryu expected to receive, after all these years, was a letter from his grandfather. Sokken had one last wish for him, his final gift. His hand has been promised to a woman – a Quincy.]

[Over the course of the past year, Ishida has learned the ugly truth of the origins of the Quincy and chose to side with his friends over the Vandenreich, but although the nobility of the Quincy had been a lie, in Uryu's eyes, Sokken changed that. The way forward for Uryu and for the Quincy would be to live up to the principles Sokken had instilled in him, to aspire to that virtue and nobility.]

[He has to at least give this a chance, to do everything he can to fulfill his grandfather's last wish for him.]

[Still, he can't help but feel a little rueful, realizing that this, meeting the woman to whom Sokken promised him, is more daunting to him than fighting for his life against a Hollow, with the destruction of his very soul at stake. But despite feeling apprehensive, he does his best to maintain the appearance of composure as he scans the rose garden from the gazebo, searching for traces of Quincy reiatsu.]

[It isn't reiatsu, though, that makes his eyes go wide, but the sight of a familiar face.]
It couldn't be... [It's been years, but he's never forgotten her.]

[Though he knows he should wait, that he should be focused on finding the person he's waiting for, before he realizes it, his feet are carrying him toward her.]
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Oh, I see. I had thought he might at least give you a name, my apologies.

[At first, his reaction does worry her, before that uncertainty melts into fond amusement. She had found him cute, when he was younger. The way he puffed his small chest out while he walked her through the exercises and techniques he had a head-start on, the way he occasionally used to show off and then get flustered—just like this—when she praised him.

She had noticed his crush, but hadn't allowed herself to really consider him as a man despite her agreement to the engagement. Not until now, actually seeing him all grown up, and yet still just as cute.]

I promise, you've done nothing of the sort. And if you had, then I still would have been glad to wait, all the same.
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It's the truth.

[Tricia had made a few friends, here and there, among the spiritually aware and occultly-inclined individuals on the Continent, but nothing deep or passionate enough to require life-or-death battles for the sake of one another. She had always known she would end up back in Japan, after all, and the men she befriended had a distressing tendency to misread her intentions if she let them get too close.

Even if her groom had been a child still, Tricia was loyal. Her word was her bond, after all.

Now, it feels more like a gift than an oath, and she nods with an even warmer smile.]

I would enjoy that, yes. I imagine we have some things you'd like to discuss, given how abrupt I imagine this must seem to you.
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What a gentleman you've become, Ishida-kun.

[She accepts the offered arm and smoothly follows his lead, enjoying the scenery along the way. He's always been gentlemanly towards her, even as a child, thanks to his crush, but it's different now, somehow. Maybe it's because she's forced to re-evaluate him from every angle, now that they're more or less on the cusp of of making good on her agreement with Sokken.]

I suppose, first and foremost, I want to be sure I'm not blundering into a situation where you would... have a preferred partner, already. I was a high schooler once too, after all.
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[There's a story behind that pause. But Tricia understands enough not to pry, because as she said—she was that age once. It's always complicated.

When he starts fumbling with his words, she gently takes his hand in hers and pats it.]

Yes. Master gave me some time to mourn, of course, but he knew that my previous marriage was an arranged, loveless thing. I agreed when he proposed the match early on. Echt was just a word to me, and I didn't value it the way my parents had when they arranged my first match. Besides, you were always very sweet to me.

[It was adorable.]
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[Had she? It hadn't seemed like it, aside from a faint stutter and a blush that has apparently stayed with him over the years. Still, that does bode well for their future marital relations. At the very least, she doubted that he would treat her like some picturesque little toy, the way Cyril had been intent on.]

Oh. My, this area is as busy as ever, I see.

[She expects him to make his excuses, to leave her in favor of banding together with his chosen companions.

She finds herself pleasantly surprised, and all but beams at him.]

If your friends won't mind the intrusion, I'd love to. Ah, just let me—

[She releases his arm and bends down, gripping the long skirt of her dress with two hands and giving it a few sharp tugs, undoing an inconspicuous line of snaps all the way up to mid-thigh. There's a section of loose ribbon sewn on the inside, and she uses it to gather and tie the loose material off to one side, allowing her the ability to run with impunity.]
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[It takes her a moment to properly translate the technique. While Sokken had used that phrase, in the years since she left the country European phrases had become much more common in her everyday—or rather, every-hunt—life. Once she makes the connection, however, her expression clears and she nods.]

Oh! Yes, of course. I'll follow your lead, so I don't startle your companions.

[She can't imagine they have much reason to trust strangers on sight, given their personal histories.]
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Your father mentioned something along those lines, last we spoke.

[Though she keeps mum on just when that was, and just what his color commentary had included, for the sake of diplomacy. Tricia glides alongside him, as graceful as though she was meandering across some grand ballroom, rather than a city on the brink of an attack.

Her own bow, when summoned, is a glittering, thorny thing, elegant and dangerous in equal measure. An arrow glimmers to life, but she makes no move to release it just yet.]

Leave it to me.
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[Perhaps he did.

Whatever the case, she doesn't so much as twitch, her expression remaining serene and almost politely disinterested as she keeps a careful eye on the situation regarding the innocent, oblivious citizens. At one point, one Hollow stumbles away from its makeshift horde, and in the vague direction of what looks to be a supermarket.

Tricia looses her arrow, deliberately not aiming at the creature itself—but then, it seems she hardly needs to.

Power explodes from the bolt, searing the Hollow as it zips by without making contact, like some terrible burn. It gets the job done, sending the Hollow scampering back towards its comrades, and quickens all their paces as they clamor to get away from whatever just did that.

Tricia delicately shakes out her hand.]

...when Master found me, I fear I was little more than a glass cannon. While my constitution and focusing abilities have improved... well, it's as you see. Now, I fear most often I may be more hindrance than help, unless somehow the balance is so disturbed that wide-scale erasure becomes a viable option.
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[Those who lack it, crave it. Those who have it, disdain it.

Or, she would at the very least trade her power level for something more manageable on a daily-hunt sort of scale. Being outstanding just makes you stand out to all the wrong types, in her experience. Whether it is her echt blood, or part of what renders her body naturally delicate, all she knows is that she hopes it will not trouble him.

Your foremost duty is to pass that strong blood down to a child who can properly wield it, her own father had told her, before walking her down the aisle. She banishes the thought.]

Ah, my name is Tricia Kamelot. Pleased to meet you.

[She ducks her head, fighting the urge to use a more Continental greeting just because he looks about as foreign as she does, at first glance. She was raised better, after all.]