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[The last thing Uryu expected to receive, after all these years, was a letter from his grandfather. Sokken had one last wish for him, his final gift. His hand has been promised to a woman – a Quincy.]

[Over the course of the past year, Ishida has learned the ugly truth of the origins of the Quincy and chose to side with his friends over the Vandenreich, but although the nobility of the Quincy had been a lie, in Uryu's eyes, Sokken changed that. The way forward for Uryu and for the Quincy would be to live up to the principles Sokken had instilled in him, to aspire to that virtue and nobility.]

[He has to at least give this a chance, to do everything he can to fulfill his grandfather's last wish for him.]

[Still, he can't help but feel a little rueful, realizing that this, meeting the woman to whom Sokken promised him, is more daunting to him than fighting for his life against a Hollow, with the destruction of his very soul at stake. But despite feeling apprehensive, he does his best to maintain the appearance of composure as he scans the rose garden from the gazebo, searching for traces of Quincy reiatsu.]

[It isn't reiatsu, though, that makes his eyes go wide, but the sight of a familiar face.]
It couldn't be... [It's been years, but he's never forgotten her.]

[Though he knows he should wait, that he should be focused on finding the person he's waiting for, before he realizes it, his feet are carrying him toward her.]