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[Those who lack it, crave it. Those who have it, disdain it.

Or, she would at the very least trade her power level for something more manageable on a daily-hunt sort of scale. Being outstanding just makes you stand out to all the wrong types, in her experience. Whether it is her echt blood, or part of what renders her body naturally delicate, all she knows is that she hopes it will not trouble him.

Your foremost duty is to pass that strong blood down to a child who can properly wield it, her own father had told her, before walking her down the aisle. She banishes the thought.]

Ah, my name is Tricia Kamelot. Pleased to meet you.

[She ducks her head, fighting the urge to use a more Continental greeting just because he looks about as foreign as she does, at first glance. She was raised better, after all.]

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