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Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote 2016-07-06 05:28 am (UTC)

[The sheer power draws Uryu's attention, as well.] Truly remarkable... [That wild power reminds him a little of Kurosaki, his overwhelming strength, and a little of Ryuuken, too. It seems to come to them so effortlessly – or perhaps, more accurately, the results of the effort they spend seem manifold compared to the results Uryu himself is able to achieve by working just as hard. A part of him has to wonder whether it's because she and Ryuuken are echt Quincy, and Uryu himself is only gemischt.]

[His father's words still ring in his ears. `I have no interest. You have no talent.`.]

[But there's no time for that now, especially since – ]

[The reiatsu signature converges on the other flank of the Hollows with an explosion of force, herding them toward the remaining two reiatsu signatures still on the move – and one of those is definitely that of a Shinigami.]

[The one who arrived on their heels, though, towers almost a head taller than Uryu as he approaches. He doesn't speak, but he does give Tricia an appraising look before turning his gaze to Ishida, clearly expecting answers.]

She's with us, Sado-san, [Ishida explains, keeping it brief for now, and though Sado's wariness doesn't evaporate, he seems to accept Uryu's explanation for now with a nod. At least while there are Hollows around, there's a common enemy they can all agree needs to be removed.]

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