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[Perhaps he did.

Whatever the case, she doesn't so much as twitch, her expression remaining serene and almost politely disinterested as she keeps a careful eye on the situation regarding the innocent, oblivious citizens. At one point, one Hollow stumbles away from its makeshift horde, and in the vague direction of what looks to be a supermarket.

Tricia looses her arrow, deliberately not aiming at the creature itselfβ€”but then, it seems she hardly needs to.

Power explodes from the bolt, searing the Hollow as it zips by without making contact, like some terrible burn. It gets the job done, sending the Hollow scampering back towards its comrades, and quickens all their paces as they clamor to get away from whatever just did that.

Tricia delicately shakes out her hand.]

...when Master found me, I fear I was little more than a glass cannon. While my constitution and focusing abilities have improved... well, it's as you see. Now, I fear most often I may be more hindrance than help, unless somehow the balance is so disturbed that wide-scale erasure becomes a viable option.

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