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[This wasn't the first time Ishida had prepared for the possibility of departure. Having been trapped on the island for so long, having seen so many abrupt departures, having been left behind so many times, it was only natural (especially considering his temperament) that he'd have made preparations in the event that he himself was sent home.]

[This time, though... it felt different. Before, it had always been preparing himself for what had seemed like an unlikely possibility. Now, however, as the day drew nearer and nearer, it felt more like a probability, a likelihood, though it never quite crossed over into being a certainty.]

[It felt like writing a will more than ever before – where they were going was beyond any possibility of return, and they could take none of it with them, only each other.]

[That, at least, did make packing (or, rather, not packing) easier.]

[Having gone over it several times, making sure to include provisions to guard against the possibility, however remote, that this was all Atia's most elaborate deception yet, Ishida finally set aside the instructions he'd be leaving behind.]

[Quietly, he moved through the house, seeking out Yuuki, and, once he found her, leaning against the door-frame, watching her. This was, of course, something intensely personal, and letting go of what had become years of their lives had proven difficult, but if she wanted help, he'd be happy to in any way he could.]
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(this was not the first time yuuki would be forced to leave something or someone behind; she was used to the bittersweet pain that came with abandoning the past. before it had been her human self, then zero- now it would be her entire life as yuuki kuran back in her world. the clothing she had back home, the furniture, the accessories kaname bought for her to wear, her friends…..her entire life would sink into a black hole, never to be reached again. and she was okay with that, more than okay really.

this also meant she would have to let go the past that was still here on the island. before the time came to leave, she had given away most of her stuff, some to the few she knew, and the rest to those who were strangers to her. all that was left was the items that belonged to kaname, the items he had left here when he visited, and the few items he had gifted to yuuki. deep down inside, it was hard to let go. the love she had for the man went beyond dimensions; but the truth was, most of it stemmed from guilt. she still felt as if she owed him her life for everything he had done for her, and that no matter what she did, it would never be enough. feeling guilty though, would not solve anything, nothing at all. so with a strong heart, yuuki finally released kaname, burning all of his items on a high hill. it was finally over between them and she could, would move on.

back at the place she had called home for almost a year, yuuki packed the few items she had. she knew she would need these items in order to survive in this new world. there wasn’t much for her really; the sex goddess hadn’t really blessed her with any gifts from back home or any new powers. however she had a few blood tablets with her from the last time she came back. she would need those if she turned back into a vampire in ishida’s world.

when ishida came by yuuki’s door, she was wearing her best outfit. a long blue dress, with sunflower pins in her medium-length hair, and white sandals. she had worn this outfit the first time she went out with the dark haired boy, and she would wear this in hopes of impressing any of his friends or familiars. )

Ishida…..I realized something. I’ve been really self-absorbed haven’t I? Always talking about myself and my world and yet….

I barely ask you anything about yours. Will you tell me more stuff?
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[personal profile] flourisher 2016-07-06 10:09 pm (UTC)(link) have a lot of friends back home? Do you think....I'll fit in?

( a slight blush appeared on her face as she gently rubbed the back of her head. she wasn't quite sure of what to expect. the truth was she wasn't sure what she would even do with herself. if she were to become a vampire, she would surely have to hide what she was. if she didn't, would she go to school again and be a normal girl? she was technically already nineteen years old here, would she be the same age in this new world?

'wait! yuuki you were asking about him....', she thought, focusing on ishida. )

I mean not that I care I just.....I hope I'm not a burden or anything. A-And I don't mind you know.....if you live a more modest lifestyle back home than here. The truth is.....I don't care what I have as long as I'm with you, you know that?

Tell me, what do you do on a daily basis?
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I know....this could be a good chance for me to do something with myself. Back home I'm sure I just would have ended up being nothing to be honest. Really if I think about it, this could be my chance to be more or less a normal human. That's all my mother ever wanted you know?

But..if I become a vampire....I suppose I could still be a normal human. If I am, I would have to hide it, right?
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Prickly? were so nice when we first met.....

( while it was true he had his moments, she could never imagine him being like that. )

Did you lie to me Ishida-kun? Are you a really mean person?

( of course, she's only teasing. )
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I see.....Ishida? Can I ask something that might be a little off topic?

( speaking of her life-

what was going to happen if she did end up a vampire? truly that was her only concern. she had come to peace with the idea of them ending their relationship. if it happened-

she would be okay with that. ) I going to do if I'm a vampire? If I were a low level one I could probably get away with feeding from strangers without any consequences ( not that she would. ) but as a pureblood.....
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[personal profile] flourisher 2016-07-16 10:26 pm (UTC)(link) Ishida. I still want to go to your world. Even if I end up a vampire-

and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, by your side. If you'll allow me to.

( she gently leaned into his embrace, taking in his soft scent. his scent reminded her of the warm blankets her step-father used to use to tuck her into bed.

she felt safe with him. )