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Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote2016-07-04 02:41 pm

Locked to [personal profile] flourisher

[This wasn't the first time Ishida had prepared for the possibility of departure. Having been trapped on the island for so long, having seen so many abrupt departures, having been left behind so many times, it was only natural (especially considering his temperament) that he'd have made preparations in the event that he himself was sent home.]

[This time, though... it felt different. Before, it had always been preparing himself for what had seemed like an unlikely possibility. Now, however, as the day drew nearer and nearer, it felt more like a probability, a likelihood, though it never quite crossed over into being a certainty.]

[It felt like writing a will more than ever before – where they were going was beyond any possibility of return, and they could take none of it with them, only each other.]

[That, at least, did make packing (or, rather, not packing) easier.]

[Having gone over it several times, making sure to include provisions to guard against the possibility, however remote, that this was all Atia's most elaborate deception yet, Ishida finally set aside the instructions he'd be leaving behind.]

[Quietly, he moved through the house, seeking out Yuuki, and, once he found her, leaning against the door-frame, watching her. This was, of course, something intensely personal, and letting go of what had become years of their lives had proven difficult, but if she wanted help, he'd be happy to in any way he could.]

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