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Before Blake Belladonna, Uryu would never have pictured himself as a pet owner.

For the most part, when he'd been given Blake, it had proven a good match. Things had been a little rough at the start, but though Blake was quiet, it wasn't as if her owner was especially extroverted, either. They'd gradually bonded over shared bookishness, and Uryu couldn't complain about having such a beautiful model for his designs. Blake seemed especially fond of one gift in particular - a black bow with which she could conceal her ears... or simply wear around the house to keep them warm in winter.

The first time Blake went into heat, about a year ago, had been a challenging time for them, though. Blake had become almost unmanageable, and Uryu had been at his wits' end. He'd combed the internet for anything that might help, and had finally become desperate enough to try even the most outlandish of solutions. It was hard to say what had been more surprising - that it had worked, or how well they had both taken to it. By the end of the cycle, the shared experience had drawn them closer to one another than before, and sometimes, when the mood struck them both, they'd indulge, even though it wasn't strictly necessary.

A year later, and Uryu knew Blake's cycle was due any day now, though he couldn't pin down the exact day it would begin. For the past month, he'd been browsing the internet, combing it for new ideas - this time, he intended to have a few new tricks to surprise her with.
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It might have come sooner than he thought.

That day, Blake had woken up with a certain feeling coursing through her body. While she attempted to spend the hours brushing it off, thinking it only a temporary whim, her body-- her primal instincts-- won out over her brain. She was composed, of course, but the heat building up inside her was enough to have the faunus rigid and tense, nearly ready to pleasure herself where she stood.

But no, while she always came off as though she was too good for being a "pet", Blake had actually had built mutual respect of her relationship to be loyal to her master.

So she would enter his room, face reddened as she averted her gaze to the floor. Her tone would speak volumes, but she'd try to sound as normal as possible. "Uryu..."
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