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blake "hot topic guest list" belladonna ([personal profile] kittyears) wrote in [personal profile] shiro_megane_kun 2015-10-24 05:48 am (UTC)

Each passing second was almost torturous, how he ran his fingers across her skin in all the right places, how he teased and was gentle. Blake did all she could to not squirm, though she knows her pulse and breathing showed Uryu that she wasn't as calm as she kept herself. Lip still bitten, she savors the feeling of her master undressing her, exposing her for both their sake. While she wasn't a completely submissive personality, she knew the trust they put in each other could take them far.

A breath might have been audible at his touching her inner thighs, something subtle yet sharp, something that showed great restraint. Dare she say something to feed his ego in order to coax him into taking her? No, there was an order these things, something her master stressed.

She would follow, her pulse already heightened, both lips wet and ready to indulge what would be in store for her. "I do like the outfits you give me, master," she'll say, hiding her heavy breath. "All wrapped up, ready for you unravel as you wish."

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