shiro_megane_kun: (Sidelong)
Ishida Uryu ([personal profile] shiro_megane_kun) wrote 2015-10-23 09:08 am (UTC)

In truth, it was as difficult for Uryu to resist the smile threatening to tug at the corners of his lips as it was for Blake to force herself to stay still as he blatantly toyed with her ears. But his role was that of the strict disciplinarian at the moment, and he was narrowly able to keep his enjoyment from showing.

He gave her only a heartbeat of reprieve as his hands retreated from her ears before he was leaning in, his lips just barely ghosting against her feline ears. "Let's get you changed into something more appropriate," he breathed. Long, nimble fingers set about stripping her out of her clothes, making a point of taking it more slowly than strictly necessary. Rather than continue to tease her ears, he drew back enough that he could enjoy the sight of her - not just undressing her, but watching her expressions, her reactions, making a point of Blake knowing nothing about what she felt at his touch was hidden from him. Fingertips calloused from archery and sewing caressed each inch of skin he bared, her shoulders, her back, her curves, taking the time to fondle her breasts, plucking and teasing at her nipples before his hands made their way farther south. Buttons and zippers undone in their wake, long fingers slid beneath the fabric of her shorts, not in search of moist heat - not yet - but to grasp the supple swell of Blake's ass, indulging in giving her a firm squeeze and more, messaging the flesh beneath his hands. And then, suddenly, as if he'd been nothing but professional all along, his hands withdrew to hurry along the descent of the remainder of her clothes to pool around her ankles, his touch teasing along her inner thighs for a moment as his hands drew back up... only to withdraw just before reaching the one place that he knew ached most for his touch.

Reaching up, he gently hooked his index finger in the hoop at the front of Blake's collar where a leash could be attached, when he so desired it, leading her out from his office towards their bedroom.

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